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SW- 155
SW 165
SW -175

With Sun module SW 120poly/R6A, Solar World presents a solar energy module, which is ideally suitable for the requirements of applications of any kind to be performed off-grid. The highest demands with regard to manufacturing quality and the many years of Solar World's practical experience guarantee the solar power module's long life span at high levels of performance, even under extreme conditions.

The module is suitable for industrial applications such as the power supply of tel-communication systems at off-grid locations as well as for a number of applications that have to do with supplying power in remote rural areas .Because of its compact dimensions and the solid workmanship of its aluminum, it can be mounted easily and flexibly.

The water repellent junction box allows the modules to be connected easily and safely and facilitates a simple and quick installation process. The junction box is equipped with four grommets and cable terminals inside of the box. Series connection of modules for systems with higher system voltage is just as possible as is a parallel connection for systems with higher operating current.

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Techincal Specification:

Performance under standard test conditions:

Maximum power Pmax 20Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 21.5V
Maximum powerpoint voltage Vmpp 17.9 V
Short circuit current Isc 7.23A
Maximum power point current Impp 6.72A


Component materials System integration parameters
Cells per module 36 Maximum system voltage SC II 1000 VDC
Cell type polycrystalline silicon  
Cell dimensions 156 x156 mm2    



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