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Can Cooler 33L- 12V
MY FRIDGE 18L 12/230 V
Can Cooler
Battery Charger 20A
Battery Charger -6 A /12 A.
Inverter 1000 W
Smart Inverter
Inverter 150 W
Inverter 300 W
Inverter 500 W
220-240 AC/ 12 DC Adapter
Front Opening 110 LTR (NEW) .
Car Kettle 12 V
Perfect Coffee 1 Cup 12 V
Power Vacuum
Power Compressor
Power Pack PS200 boot version:
Power pack PS400
Cool Freeze CF Front Opening 145 LTR
Cool Power








Automatic battery charger 20 A, 12 + 24 volts

Compact charger with metal housing. For charging of 12- and 24-volt lead batteries. Automatic cut-off when the full charge has been reached. Can also be used as battery jump starter.
  • Compact charger with metal housing
  • With overheat and reverse pole protection
  • Suitable for 12- and 24-volt lead batteries
  • With ammeter
  • Universal use: charger and battery jump starter all in one
  • Wa charging curve

Mains voltage:
230 volts
Battery voltage:
12/24 volts DC
Charging voltage:
14/26.6 volts
Cut-in/cut-off voltage:
12.7 volts/14 volts
24.2 volts/26.6 volts
Max. charging current:
20/10 A
Charge indicator:
LED green
0 to 15 A
Reverse pole indicator:
LED red
Battery jumper:
max. starting current:
7.2 volts/70 A
14.4 volts/35 A
Dimensions (WxHxD):
265 x 145 x 200 mm
Test marks:
Item designation:
Perfect charge W20, 20 A 12 + 24 volts
Ref. No.:
Contents, specifications and availability are subject to changes serving the technical improvement.




Battery Charger 20 A

Switches off automatically
Universal use:
charger and battery jump starter all in one
Designed for universal use in cars, motor homes, motor cycles and boats
Suitable for battery capacities from 40 to 120 Ah






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